Monday, 24 September 2012


So, after recovering from a mild bout of Freshers' Flu, I started getting toothache. It got worse and worse, as toothache is wont to do, until I went to the dentist on Friday morning. I have an infection in my tooth. The antibiotics are kicking in now and I can once again function as something roughly approximating a human being, but the last 4 days have been deeply unpleasant. Today isn't going to go down as one of the best days of my life either but now I at least feel like I've turned a corner with it.

As a result, I've been back in Edinburgh for a few days. I missed palaeography on Friday which I hated doing but had no alternative. I'm back in St Andrews now but will be going back to Edinburgh tonight. I have the first meeting of the core course shortly which I absolutely did not want to miss and fortunately I am well enough to make it.

I've done virtually no reading over the last few days. My attention span could hardly keep up with A Clash Of Kings, never mind real history. I am hoping that my sanity is sufficiently restored today to do some work.

Not the start to the year I wanted, but better from here, I hope.

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