Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hello! Welcome to my new blog.

I wanted to blog about uni, postgrad life and my work but didn't want to sidetrack my existing blog. It seemed sensible to keep that one dedicated to infamous women and start a new one for my new adventure.

A bit of background

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh rather a long time ago and have wanted to do postgrad study since then. For various boring reasons, this wasn't possible until now. In January 2012, I applied to the University of St Andrews and was offered a place on the M.Litt in Early Modern History course.

Last weekend, I moved to a small postgraduate residence in St Andrews. I have a tiny room with a lovely view of a neighbour's well-manicured lawn and lots of garden birds. It could hardly be closer to the history department and the library and its smallness forces me to be tidy.

Week 1 starts tomorrow...

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