Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Long Tuesday

I never really got started today. I managed to find the bigger out-of-town supermarket so the fridge is now stocked and I had actual, proper food in something approximating a lunch and a dinner.

Managed an hour of reading but I am finding historiography no more interesting now than I found it when doing my first degree. My plan for this evening and probably the rest of this week is to move on to reading history again. I'll probably start with Margaret L. King's The Renaissance in Europe. I can go back to historiography when I have to. An hour a day is just not going to cut it so I need to move to something more to study in order to improve that.

Tomorrow is relatively busy. I have the initial meeting of my Italian reading class. I am not sure if this is going to provide quite as much Italian language as I'd hoped but on the plus side, it's not being assessed so the pressure is off. After that, lunch with a classmate and then the History dept. is hosting a meet and greet for postgrad students. I'm looking forward to this- our informal, Facebook-arranged history postgrad pub trip last week was good.

I'm still struggling a bit with being tired. I think it's a hangover from being ill last week. I'm more or less getting a proper night's sleep now though. Hopefully that will help.

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