Sunday, 16 September 2012

What does an M.Litt in Early Modern History look like?

So, my plan is to be awarded an M.Litt (master of letters) in about a year's time. But what will I have to do to get it?

The course description is here.

Here's what that means in practice (for me- everyone's timetable will look a little different).

Semester 1 (September-December 2012)
Themes and Approaches in Early Modern History: This is the core course which everyone doing this degree will take.
Skills- Palaeography: Historical skills training. This semester it's palaeography- reading old handwriting.
Reading Italian: This course isn't for credit but should help improve my Italian reading skills.

Semester 2 (Jan-May 2013)
Themes and Approaches in Early Modern History: Continuation of the core course.
Skills- Sources: More skills training. This semester we'll be looking at source material.
Directed Reading: Review of important literature on a specific topic. In my case, the topic will probably be something to do with nuns, prostitutes and social institutions for women in 15th and 16th century Italy.
Dissertation: 15000 words on a subject similar to that of the Directed Reading module.

Additionally, there are history and skills training seminars throughout the year. Although my timetable looks light (some of the modules only meet once a fortnight), there's a huge amount of reading to be done.

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  1. Not to blow smoke but you could write the paper now.